Report Activity

Keep you eyes peeled for bad ideas and their spokesmen which may come to a neighborhood near you. Sometimes they might appear as part of Smart Growth, comprehensive planning, or some kind of unfamiliar title but would affect the freedom of people to decide the use of their property or affect the traditional culture of Maine communities in some significant way.

If you can be the eyes and ears of your town or neighborhood, it will make it easier to spot trends and trace them back to the source and find out if it’s newsworthy enough to let the others sign-ups know about it. Also, if you will be interviewed on radio or have written a letter to the editor along the lines of opposing federalization of  the Maine woods, please report so that we can all share in your information.

Please use this form to pass on any ideas you have of ways to counteract the park pushers and be sure to let us know if Roxanne Quimby, RESTORE, or others have events or meetings near you.

Your Ideas and Reports

If you have any activity that you would like to report, please fill out this form and let us know.