Welcome! If you oppose a national park, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s a Hollywood celebrity-backed plan put forth by RESTORE: The North Woods, or Roxanne Quimby’s idea of giving a chunk of land to the federal government for a national park twice the size of Acadia, or some kind of US agency…if you say “NO”…then sign up here.

A federal park would be LURC on steroids!
As you’ve been hearing, there are too many plans, studies, experts, and money around trying to pull this off for it to be anything but contrived and crafty. You have probably decided, as I have, that it’s not coming from the bottom up; it’s coming from the top down. It’s going to be up to regular area people like us to keep the economic door open. Our opponents talk a good game, but in the end, they don’t believe in free enterprise, they believe in their enterprise, and they are hoping to talk a lot of vulnerable people into buying the park idea because of the lackluster economy. One of the reasons the economy in the area is bad is because it is already run by a bunch of people (LURC) who aren’t elected and don’t have a significant stake in the economy they rule. If you want to explain to people what a national park would be like, tell them that it would be run like a DC Land Use Regulation Commission from Washington!

Do we want more Red Tape?
It’s time for ordinary citizens of Maine to band together and use their God-given common sense in thinking about the industrial forest base of the Maine woods. If it goes into the hands of the feds, we get back DC bureaucrats running the land, we lose the tax base (forcing existing taxes higher), and the land won’t be Maine land anymore….it will be federal government land. Once that happens, there will be more ideas of how to restrict it, divide it, put corridors in it, close it off, evaluate it, study it, petition about it….in short, it will make the land part of an unpleasant political process where use entanglements will spring up and permission will be required to make any productive use of it. It’s called Red Tape (socialism) and it’s coming to the Maine woods if we buy into the promises of these “saviors of the woods”.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you and to staying in touch. Alone we are limited in what we can accomplish, but if we can harmoniously act together, we can expose pie-in-the-sky dead-end ideas and make common sense productivity prevail in the Maine woods.

Mary Adams
P O Box 10
Garland ME 04939

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(Background Photo: Courtesy PLC of Maine)